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"If you give a child one gift, let it be the Arts" – Donna Berg

Dear Friend of Paso Robles Youth Arts Foundation,

YOU can make a positive impact today in the lives of local youth! If you have visited Paso Robles Youth Arts Foundation (PRYAF) or been an audience member at a play or performance, you know that PRYAF is an important resource — a home for the arts and for students. Please join us in supporting PRYAF, the best of community-funded youth arts!

Each year, PRYAF welcomes all students (5-18 years old), who wish to enroll, from all neighborhoods and walks of life, in their choice of 50 FREE Visual & Performing Arts Classes. Together, we can inspire young people who may not have the opportunity to be enriched by the arts without PRYAF. In the Spirit of "I Can!" please consider a gift which supports 400 currently enrolled students from across San Luis Obispo County and beyond.

Featured Student

Sometimes the human impact of discovering confidence and community through the arts is more important than we as adults even know. Through Art, Drama, Music, and Dance, mentorships and friendships, we see students' inspiration come alive and their negative influences and insecurities falling away. Some days are difficult for so many reasons and on those days, we need to lean on our community the most. For our students, their community is here at PRYAF and was a life-changing experience for a student named Declan. Here is a testimonial from Declan's father…


"You run an essential, amazing organization. Ever since we enrolled our child, our fourteen-year-old son who has Asperger's at PRYAF last year,we've noticed subtle AND dramatic changes in his abilities, confidence and demeanor. Where he once ambled hesitantly towards the front door when dropping him off, he now strides quickly and confidently towards that door, into a place which has become, for lack of a more original term, his second home.

At PRYAF he finds social stimulation, a sense of community, and most of all, acceptance for who he is and what he can do. He is treated like the creative, committed individual he is when he walks through that door. He is allowed the chance to earn respect and trust in ways he has never been allowed to before. He has, for his entire life, wanted to contribute and to be accepted, to find a community that helps him find his voice. PRYAF is that place, that community, that experience."

This testimonial is one of many received and we are so proud of Declan who has found his voice and passion for the stage. He is now active in Drama, Improvisation and Performance Studies at PRYAF. The sky is truly the limit for Declan!

With over 50 FREE after school classes per week, students often find they are good at something they never knew they were. At PRYAF, we believe the arts are vital to the cognitive growth of our children's development, along with helping general education needs. Through long-term engagement, our teachers have observed students from underprivileged families, special needs, and even emotional matters progressively heal after being in our program. PRYAF teachers are not only talented artists and performers, but mentors who share their life's passion for theater, piano, guitar, ballet, hip-hop, jazz, breakdance, video production, art, voice, creative writing, music theory, and much more. PRYAF students become strong mentors to new and younger students.

PRYAF is celebrating its 17th Birthday and has grown to serve over 400 students each quarter, offering a changing array of exciting visual and performing arts classes. When the California arts budget was cut by 90%, PRYAF stepped up to the plate. Our rosters and waiting lists continue to grow and so do costs.

It truly takes a village to keep this opportunity available to as many students as possible. Your contribution to PRYAF is so important and allows us to continue our mission to enrich the lives of area youth with FREE after-school classes in the visual and performing arts in a safe, nurturing environment. Your gift will be used wisely, and YOU can be proud to help share the wondrous possibilities that an arts education offers. Imagine the cost of private piano, guitar or ballet lessons. Sadly, the arts are often simply out of reach for many of our community's children, but the negative influences on the streets are not. The reality is that without PRYAF, our talented students would not have a home in which to perform and create.

Can we count on your vital support today, as a community partner, to help PRYAF offer more, FREE visual and performing arts classes to local students? PRYAF is funded entirely by the community's donations, grants, scholarships, supplies, and equipment. Every gift makes a difference, and your support matters. All donations are 100% tax deductible and can be made online today through this secure site.

Show your support with a contribution of $250 or more which sponsors one child for a WHOLE YEAR!

In the Spirit of "I Can!" thank you for your generosity.

Mindy Dierks, Executive Director

Emily Jagger, Director of Development

PRYAF is a 501(C)(3) Non-Profit Organization Tax ID # 77-0488880